Research is carried out on solar radiation and on all types of solar heating systems:

  • Solar domestic hot water systems
  • Solar combi systems
  • Solar heating plants
  • Air collectors for dehumidification
  • Solar energy systems for combined heat and electricity production 

The research focuses on both solar heating systems and system components. For small solar heating systems the effort is concentrated on heat storages and the interplay between solar collectors and other renewable energy sources. The effort within large systems is concentrated on solar collectors, solar collector fields and seasonal heat storage.

The research consist of parallel theoretical and experimental activities, for instance implemented in numerical modelling, flow visualization, detailed laboratory investigations of climate, systems and components, full-scale experiments and measurement programs.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations and PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) measurements are used, for example, for development and validation of detailed simulation models for systems and components.

Often the Institute’s advanced measuring equipments are used in the projects, for example: PIV equipment, heat storage test facility, solar collector test facility, evacuated tubular solar collector test facility, climate station, test facility for SDHW systems, test facility for solar combi systems.

The research is carried out in the form of Ph.D. projects and research projects funded by external means and by DTU.

In the future, the research activities are expected to continue at the present level, most of the activities being funded by external means.

To a great extent the research is carried out in national and international cooperation by entering into projects with leading Danish and foreign research institutions, universities and manufacturers in the relevant fields.

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