Optimization of solar space heating and water heating combisystems applied in buildings

Research is carried out on solar heating systems for combined space heating and domestic hot water supply, so called solar combi systems. The research will be carried out in a cooperation between Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Co. Ltd, China and Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

Basic research on solar combi systems and on the main components of solar combi systems will be carried out, that is on solar collectors and heat storages. The focus will be on low flow systems with high efficient solar collectors and heat stores with a high degree of thermal stratification. Both flat plate solar collectors and evacuated tubular solar collectors as well as heat storages with inlet stratification devices will be included in the investigations. The research will be carried out as parallel theoretical and experimental activities. Advanced simulation tools and models will be applied in the theoretical investigations, and existing test facilities for components and complete systems will be used. Validated simulation models for solar combi systems will be developed. The research will establish the basis for the design of high performance solar combi systems. Based on the above mentioned research a demonstration solar combi system will be built in a one family house in practice. The system will be equipped with monitoring equipment in such a way that the operation of the system can be followed and the thermal performance of the system can be determined. Measurements of the thermal performance will be carried out for a long period in order to document the thermal performance and energy savings of the system. 

The project facilitates technology transfer and exchange of research staff between Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute Co. Ltd and the Technical University of Denmark.

Research activities of the Danish side are supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. Research activities of the Chinese side are supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

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